Range Rover L322 Ignition Switch Problems and Steering Column repairsRange Rover L322 Ignition Problem

We are able to test, diagnose and repair all faults with Range Rover L322 2002 - 2012. ignition switch wont turn and steering column repairs.

The most common problem with the Range Rover L322 Ignition and Steering are :

  • Unable to turn the ignition key
  • Steering column fails to move in or out
  • Steering wheel fails to change angle or even falls on your lap!

We were the first and and also The Only Company in the World that actually Repair the Range Rover L322 Steering Column & Control Unit or Steering Column ECU!

We have extensive stocks of all the required parts.

Please beware of hobbyists that sell second hand steering columns that they have "tested" via eBay and the likes -  We have repaired many of these units which have failed - they cost more than our repairs too!

If you are unable to turn the ignition key there is one thing that may allow your continued use of the vehicle, First make sure you remove the key from the ignition switch, then remove fuse 18 from the fuse box that is located in the glove box, wait a couple of minutes and then refit the fuse, you should then insert the key in the ignition and wait 10 seconds before trying to turn the key, this should allow you to start the car once, you can repeat this process each time you want to start the car, you should then either bring the vehicle to us or send the steering column to us before even more damage occurs and the cost of the repair increases.

If the above "temporary fix" works then it is quite likely that the cost of repair by us will be about £425.00 plus carriage

There are many problems with starting these sophisticated cars, mostly down to faults with either the key itself, the power supply to the system and faults with the steering column are the main cause of the problem. There are many other symptoms but we can test and repair all these problems.

Unfortunately the dealer solution of new ignition switch and an exchange steering column (this is a refurbished part) normally costs in the region of £3965.60 including labour!

We are able to fully test these parts on one of our dedicated test vehicles, no bench testing, that does not work for us.

If necessary we can repair any of the parts and replace many components with genuine OEM parts.

We can test and repair the column on the car or you can remove the column and send to us where we test on one of our test vehicles.

When removing the column to send it to us be very careful that you only remove the column, don't remove any motors etc ( it should look like some of the pictures on this page) be VERY careful with packaging as plastic parts and particularly some of the tabs are easily broken in transit and would result in  floppy column if not repaired.

 It is our experience that it is cheaper to repair these problems when they arrive with us untouched, when people have tried to repair the column themselves or over-lubricated, especially by drilling holes in the casing, it often costs more as we then need to correct all the problems caused.



How Much does it cost to repair these problems?

  • Testing costs £84.00 plus carriage.
  • Repair costs depend upon what is wrong with the column, the most common problem of ignition key not turning usually costs £425.00 plus carriage depending upon the cause of the problem, ecu's that have had wd40 squirted into them generally cost more and can be up to £650.00 sometimes due to the damage caused.
  • Other repairs for column motor problems are around the £500.00 mark but can increase if brackets and motors require replacing, we will advise before repairing.

(In the UK the cost of next day carriage with insurance cover up to £800.00 is £52.00, we can send with less cover or 48 hour for less at customers risk)

We will contact you by email before proceeding with any repairs in any case.Most repairs are carried out within 72 hours of receipt - sometimes the same day, it all depends upon workload and parts requirements.All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

Please complete the form at this link and ensure that you enclose it with your well-packaged steering column.