Range Rover P38, L322 and Sport Repairs

We are currently updating this information so the list below is by no means complete, please contact us if you need repairs to a unit that is not listed.

We are able to repair and rebuild pretty much every electronic unit on most Range Rover models, including, Classic, P38, L322 and Sport Models.

Where a repair is not possible or when you need a replacement fast, we can usually supply exchange or replacement control units and electronic parts from stock.

Engine ECU

Transmission ECU

Ultrasonic Alarm Sensor

Air Conditioning ECU and Display Panel



EAS - Air Suspension Valve Block

EAS - Air Suspension Compressor

Radio Code Retrieval

EKA Code Recovery

Engine Bay Fuse Box


This service allows you to provide a cost effective repair without using untested and unknown second-hand parts. 


Many owners want to fit after market stereo units and discover that the speakers no longer work as the amplifiers are no longer being powered, also in high specification vehicles the sub woofer no longer works, we can overcome these problems quickly and easily allowing full functionality and even allowing steering controls to function properly on many makes and models of stereo. So if you want to upgrade the sound system in your range rover give us a call and see how we can help. In most cases installation and overcoming these problems can be carried out while you wait by appointment.


We also receive many Land Rover models into our workshop to diagnose the real cause of many electronic faults and problems, we have the knowledge, equipment and skills to find and repair all those problems that regular garages and dealers have been unable to find or want to charge an arm and a leg to repair.