BeCM Unlocking & Programming

If you are reading this page you are probably one of the many who have discovered just how easily the BeCM (Body Electronic Control Module) unit on Range Rover P38 fail.

From water damage to shorted out components, flat batteries, in fact just about any electrical type problem with a P38 Range Rover can be caused by the BeCM.

Range Rover P38 BeCM

Just about every electronic component relies on the BeCM for either its power or for receiving or sending instructions or data. Problems with the BeCM can cause lighting, windscreen wiper, suspension, gearbox, indicators - not working or always on, radio, dashboard, airbag, intermittent non-start, permanent non-start, "Engine Disabled" and similar messages in the message centre, through to problems with the central locking and remote locking. The list really does go on and on.

Functions of the BeCM

1. Instrument pack
2. SRS (Airbag) Diagnostic Control Unit (DCU)
3. Selector lever display panel (Automatic transmission vehicles only)
4. Engine compartment fusebox
5. Maxi fuse 1 - Power supply
6. Maxi fuse 4 - Power supply
7. Maxi fuse 5 - Power supply
8. Cruise control ECU
9. Transfer box ECU
10. Engine Control Module (ECM)
11. Electronic Automatic Transmission (EAT) ECU
13. Electronic Air Suspension (EAS) ECU
15. Center console switch pack
16. RH door outstation
17. LH door outstation
18. RH seat outstation
19. LH seat outstation
20. ICE unit
21. Diagnostic Socket 

Although immobilised vehicles are quite common, if this is due to a flat battery it is often possible to resolve the problem by entering the EKA (Emergency Key Access) code following the instructions in the owners manual. Of course this means you have to know the current EKA code as they are often changed due to changes and problems in the past. We can supply the code that is registered to the vehicle in the Land Rover database for a small fee (cheaper & easier than the dealers) however we cannot guarantee the code is correct. We can however extract the current EKA code from the BeCM which guarantees you have the correct code.

We are able to unlock the BeCM, turn off the immobiliser, change the EKA code change the vin No, and any other parameter possible. We can also transfer the coding of a damaged BeCM to a replacement which allows second hand BeCM's to be used to resolve any problems with the existing unit.

We do all unlocking, programming & reprogramming on the day that we receive the unit and dispatch the same day providing the fastest turnaround possible. Please contact us for further information via our contact page, we are happy to help and support fellow P38 owners.

We provide our repair, unlocking, programming and reprogramming service for P38 BeCM's for both private and Trade, including authorised or main dealers and continue to receive many by referral from happy and satisfied customers on a very regular basis.

If you need to get your P38 BeCM repaired or would like to buy an exchange BeCM please see our BeCM repair page by clicking here