Range Rover P38 Repairs & Upgrades

We are probably the Worlds Leading specialist in Range Rover P38 models, we have the ability to diagnose, repair and upgrade all of these popular off-road vehicle. We are contacted dailly from customers, Independent Range Rover Specialists and even Land Rover Dealers from all over the UK, Europe and Worldwide. 

As you will probably have already noticed elsewhere on this website we have a Worldwide reputation for repairing and supplying exchange control units for Range Rover P38 models. We can and do supply exchange control units, Instrument Clusters and a wide range of electronics parts. We are the go-too place that owners bring their Range Rover P38  to when they want to get the job done right first time.

What you may not be aware of is our ability to repair and upgrade the P38 Range Rover to a variety of specifications, some common options for upgrades are listed below.

  • Engine ECU
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Engine Performance Upgrades
  • Custom Remapping on our in-house Rolling Road Dyno
  • Hybrid Turbos - Diesel Models
  • Performance Intercoolers
  • Performance Air Filters.
  • Pollybushes and other suspension upgrades
  • LUK Clutch Upgrades
  • Automatic Gearbox Flushing
  •  Manual and Auto Gearbox repairs and rebuilds
  • Transfer Box rebuilds
  • Steering Damper Upgrades
  • Gas Shock Absorber Upgrades
  • Heated Seat Repairs
  • Suspension and Handling Upgrades

Tuning The Range Rover P38

We have been tuning the engine ecu on all capacities of Diesel and Gems and Thor Petrol engines for many years and have the ability to transform these powerful engines into the what they always should have been, if you want low down torque, high revving horse power or economy, or a combination of them all we can help you, we custom tune each and every vehicle based upon our customers requests and the condition and mileage of the engine and gearbox. 

Vehicle Inspections and Condition Reports

We are asked to inspect Range Rover P38 vehicles on a weekly basis to advise both new and long term owners of these very popular and well loved vehicles, many of which are now reaching 20 years of age. With the value of the P38's increasing all the time many owners are now investing in their "toys" to bring them back to their original specifications and fixing all those niggling but minor issues that most garages seem unable to resolve.

Handling and Comfort Upgrades

Many owners are now wanting to reduce body roll while maintaining comfort levels and increasing performance and economy at the same time, all these things are possible and there are many things that can be done to Customise the P38 Range Rover to meet the needs of their individual customers needs and requirements. We have the skills and ability to complete any work that our customers require, with vehicles arriving from all over Europe each month and even as far as Japan.

How Can we Help You

Whatever your needs we are only a phone call or email away and are happy to help you resolve any issues or upgrades that you may require, just call us on 01442 601028 and we will do our best to help you.