Range Rover Hazard Lights & Multiple Errors on Dash 

This particular problem is becoming increasingly common and is normally caused by CAN BUS network communication troubles, these can be caused by corroded and broken wiring and connectors anywhere on the vehicle and also by faulty control units, although the most common problem is caused by the instrument cluster, just about any control unit can be the cause of the problem.

We have recently seen the Climate Control Unit and even the Telephone Module cause these problems.

We have a lot of expertise in working with these systems and have spent considerable time and effort getting to know the systems intimately.

It is important to get the cause of the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible as other control units can be damaged by short-to-ground & short-to-live faults on the CAN BUS network

This page is currently being developed, please call us for further information as we repair this problem on a weekly basis on Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 & Discovery 4 models.