Discovery 3, 4 & Range Rover Sport Air Suspension (EIS)

We see so many Discovery models and Range Rover Sport models each week that are suffering with air suspension faults, there are so many causes and often the first thing to be replaced by most workshops is the compressor. This is one of the most expensive ways of fixing the problem of "Air Suspension Inactive" or similar fault messages.

There are a number of relatively common causes of the error code C1A20 and similar or failure to raise the vehicle, some of these are as follows

  • CAN Bus communications problems
  • Low voltage or current to EIS system
  • compressor wear
  • Air dryer saturation
  • Leaks
  • Height Sensor failure (often intermittent)
  • plus lots of other common and not so common causes

We have developed specific test equipment to determine the EXACT cause of EIS symptoms on Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 (and similar) models.

This includes use of Genuine Land Rover Diagnostic and Programming equipment including TOPIX, this enables us to program new and reprogram existing control units to resolve software issues. We have the ability to program and calibrate height sensors and also have a range of pressure gauges and manifolds that allow us to measure system pressures anywhere in the system, including pressure decay rates etc which can be measured and plotted over time with one or more of our professional oscilloscope systems, ensuring fast reliable diagnosis of the compete suspension systems.

We are also able in many cases to repair failing parts of the air compressor and dryer components offering significant savings over a new compressor, however if a new compressor is required we can supply, fit and program a New compressor for less than the cost of a replacement from Land Rover, so whatever the outcome you will save money by coming to our workshop.