We are one of the first companies in the UK to Tune the latest 2017 Audi S3 S3 BLACK ED TFSI QUATTRO.

The car has the Engine Code DJHA and has standard output of Power: 305.7 bhp & Torque: 295 FtLb 

After Stage 1 Tuning the vehicle has an output of Power: 366.1 bhp & Torque: 354 FtLb

In fact the process was not as simple as normal as the owner had taken the vehicle to have a remap from a local "Dealer" (we call these companies Installers as that is what they do) for Revo. The customer was unhappy with the changes and was very concerned to hear that he had to pay to have the Tuned File removed before he took the car to the Audi dealers for any Servicing or Repairs in case they updated the software, you see that Revo add "Copy Protection" when they upload the file to the vehicle. The problem with "Copy Protection" code like this is that it can cause any software updates to fail and cause the failure of the ECU - The dealer cant recover from this but it 

What happened in this instance was that the customer returned to the Tuning Dealer and asked for the file to be removed and get his money back, the Dealer then uploaded the original file and should have removed the "Copy Protection" from the ECU.

What we discovered is that after we had installed the TPD Tuning file that there were problems with the running of the vehicle after a few stop-start cycles of the ignition. To resolve this we had to overwrite the the ECU with an Original ECU file and then instal the Tuned Software.

This is one of the problems with some tuning companies, they don't make these issues clear, imagine having to pay about £60.00 to have the software removed and installed every time your car goes the the workshop where it is POSSIBLE that the software on the vehicle is updated, its not just the money, its the time that this adds to every trip to the garage.

Anyway, the car is now back with our customer who is delighted with the Stage 1 Tune and is considering having a De-Cat pipe or Sports Cat fitted along with a Stage 2 Tune which should take the car over 400 bhp

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