EDC17 Tricore ECU's

The so-called Anti-Tuning ECU - Tricore EDC17

We are able to remove the immobiliser on all these ECU's fitted to any VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat Group) models

We can remap all EDC17 ECU's, even mk7 VW Golf models

We can clone EDC17 ECU's - this allows us to create fully working ECU's made from used or refurbished ECU's that are created using the data from the old or damaged ECU. No additional programming is required so is a simple plug-and-play replacement service.

We can remove the DPF or FAP system, custom tune and even delete DTC's allowing things like de-cat removal of secondary o2 sensor, removal of EGR and just about anything else that is needed.

So if you want to de-cat, remove the immo, remove the EGR, or just get a replacement or spare ECU programmed ready for emergencies, we can take care of this for you. We can Remap for increased performance, increased economy or a compromise somewhere between the two, whatever you your requirements, on standard or customised vehicles.

This complete and comprehensive service is only available from a handful of companies worldwide, we are one of the elite few that offer a full and comprehensive service.

We can do this highly specialised work as a mail order service, just send your ECU to us saying what you need and we will take care of the rest.

We also have the ability, using equipment that we have developed in-house to monitor all sensors, actuators, inputs and outputs, including up to four additional temperature probes and wideband AFR monitoring and logging, this allows us to determine the reason that performance is not what is expected for example. We normally monitor the inputs and outputs on the road or track allowing us to drive the vehicle in real-world situations to positively diagnose the cause of the most annoying faults and problems. This monitoring equipment also allows us to determine the most appropriate modifications to increase power and torque as required by the most discerning customers.

As all drivers will appreciate, a rolling road is all well and good for setting up the basics, but driving a vehicle under real world conditions often shows all kinds of issues that cant be detected on the rollers, this is where we come in to fine tune that last bit.