Rolling Road or Chassis Dynamometer

Mini with Honda engine on rolling road
We have recently installed a 1000 bhp Dimsport rolling road or dynamometer, this useful piece of equipment supports Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive or 4x4. 

As you might expect  the most common use for a chassis dynamometer or rolling road is for tuning or remapping and power runs, we can also confirm that vehicle performance is as it should be, we can also use the rolling road for diagnostic purposes, allowing us to identify all manner of running issues, the kind of things that would normally require empty roads and at least two people to even hope to achieve useful results on normal road tests.

Clearly this is a very useful piece of equipment which we are likely to find useful for all manner of tasks that we are yet to identify.

The photo on this page shows a Classic Mini which has been fitted (transplanted) with a Honda Integra Type-R 1.8 Litre engine, it is with us to determine why the power is down significantly, this was found to be about 120 BHP instead of the 188 BHP that the car should have. The symptoms demonstrate that  the problem is that the VVT (Variable Valve Timing in the Honda its called VTEC) is not working, Once the actual cause is identified and repaired we can carry out a further power run to ensure that all is well before returning the car to our customer.