Simtek Ecu and Remapping Dealers

Simtek Dealer & Tuner

We are now able to supply, install and tune all Simtek ecu's and accessories.

Features of the world-class Simtek ECU are

  • Multiple Fuel, Ign, boost, AVCS maps
  • NOS Control
  • Limp Modes
  • Closed-loop Knock Control
  • Closed-loop Idle
  • Auto-tune
  • Traction Control
  • 8 Configurable Maps
  • 8MB Internal Data-logging
  • User Configurable Mapping Software
  • Wideband Lambda Control
  • 8 Injector outputs
  • Drive-by-wire Control
  • PRP/Turbo Speed/EGR control
  • Nos maps
  • Fuel injector split/blend maps
  • More gear modifier maps
  • 8 calibration boost maps
  • and lots more updates
We are happy to tune and develop maps on our 1000bhp Rolling Road, equiped with all the latest logging equipment and over £100,000.00 of 4-channel occlioscope's that allows us to monitor just about anything.