Automatic Gearbox Flushing Service

Is your car displaying the following symptoms :-

  • "Transmission Fault" Message
  • Clonking when selecting Drive or Reverse
  • Gears slow to change
  • Gears "Hanging" or slow to change
  • Judder, particularly between 30 to 40 mph
  • Torque Converter slip - rev counter moving up and down although vehicle speed remains the same

If so now is the time to have the cause of the symptom Professionally Diagnosed and rectified before an expensive gearbox overhaul are necessary.

We have Genuine Dealer Diagnostics equipment for most makes of vehicle (Not just dealer-level) Which enables us to correctly determine the cause of most problems by road test and viewing "live Data form the Gearbox ECU while driving the vehicle.

If the symptoms are caught early enough, before mechanical failure, we can normally reverse the symptoms and restore correct and smooth operation of the transmission system

We have developed a 7-Step process that can often resolve problems that others have advised requires an expensive gearbox rebuild

7-Step Flushing Process

  • Check for mechanical breakages and worn gearbox bushes using specialist testing process
  • Add our Special Flushing agent to the gearbox 
  • Run gearbox to loosen all debris and gum inside the gearbox and torque converter
  • Replace as much of the transmission oil as possible (usually over 99% replacement)
  • Inject our gearbox conditioner to the gearbox in an effort to extend the workable life of the gearbox
  • Confirm transmission fluid level at the specified gearbox temperature
  • Road test to confirm correct operation of gearbox

When replacing or flushing transmissions we only use the Gearbox Manufacturers or Vehicle Manufacturers Genuine Transmission Oils, so in the case of Land Rover we use ZF Lifeguard 6 or 8 as appropriate, The same principles apply to other vehicle manufacturers.

In addition we can also 

  • Check and update the transmission and mechatronics unit software if updates are available
  • Replace the gearbox filter and sump
  • Reset and Calibrate the Gearbox and Transfer Box

Whatever the symptoms you are having with your car, we are specialists in diagnosing the real cause of the problem, give us a a call NOW on 01442 601028

Most Gearbox Manufacturers now recommend complete gearbox oil changes every 50,000 to 70,000 miles

Please Note - This is not what is sometimes called a Megaflush - Its SO much MORE than a Megaflush!

"Fantastic Service, Turners have totally transformed my Range Rover Supercharged with their Gearbox Flushing service, Its like a new car all over again" ☆☆☆☆☆Greg Fellows rated Turner Diagnostics 5 stars