BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat

We have the ability to diagnose, repair, program and calibrate the ecu's on all the German manufacturers as listed above.

Whatever the problem, Engine, Gearbox, Transmission, ABS, Traction Control, Airbags, SRS, Body Control Units in fact just about any control unit on any of these vehicles, we can help and solve all these problems and more.

Diagnosing the actual cause of specific problems is only half the solution these days, fitting and programming the many (up to about Forty) control units on some cars is often required to complete the work.

There are also times when "Features" have been supplied or fitted to some vehicles which can be very expensive to replace, despite the fact that the current owner has no need of the component, sometimes its just worth removing the component from the vehicle configuration.

Combined with our specialist skills and this fantastic piece of equipment we are able to diagnose and repair problems and functions that regular garages can only dream of doing.

Whatever the problem with your car call us now to have your problems sorted in the most cost effective way.

Recent Examples of our Diagnostic & Programming Capabilities

On Thursday 20th April we had a Mercedes CLC220 CDI Sport in with an unusaul problem that had been to a number of garages including a Mercedes Dealer with the inability to open the front passenger side window from the drivers window control panel and also the drivers window only operated from the passenger switch on the drivers window control panel. We discovered that both door control modules reported being in a left hand drive car, this is incorrect and the car is right hand drive. We changed the setting in the EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch) and all the windows functioned as they should. The customer had already paid out for new parts and lots of labour that didnt fix the problem.

This is a classic example of the need to have problems like this repaired by people that have the correct diagnostic equipment for the job AND the Skills to use the equipment correctly.