DPF Cleaners and Cleaning Chemicals


One question that we are asked regularly is - Do DPF Cleaners work?


Having tested all the products that we have been able to test our opinion is that they don't.


To put this all in perspective, dpf cleaning chemicals are about as much use as beer after someone else has drunk it and "relieved" themselves afterwards, although I can think of a pub or two that have beer that tastes like it has been through this process, I wouldn't expect it to taste or have the effects of a fresh pint! Its the same with these cleaners, after they have been diluted and gone through the combustion process in the engine, been incinerated in the process, at temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees Centigrade, they are as much use as a chocolate teapot!


For clarity our definition of these products is :- those products that are either added to the fuel or "injected" in other ways upstream of the DPF that claim to clean the dpf


Although there are many different products and lots of claims made by their manufacturers, the one major problem with them all is that once the DPF becomes blocked and the engine management light illuminates the car (or particularly the program within the engine ecu that controls regeneration) will  not allow regeneration, either regular regeneration or "forced" regeneration to take place to protect the dpf and even the car from catching fire.


There are also products that are added to the fuel which claim to lower the temperature that the dpf can clean itself by regeneration, this sounds feasable until you consider how small an amount is added to the fuel and then is burned during the combustion process before any possibility of reaching the dpf, what exactly is supposed to achieve anything after going through an explosion in the combustion chamber is anyones guess, but its unlikely that very much will even make it to the exhaust, never mind reach the dpf.


If anyone (including the product manufacturers) can show any INDEPENDENT testing that proves our opinion (and common sense reasoning) wrong we would be very interested in hearing more, so do let us know.