DPF Cleaning or Regeneration - General Instructions

Before you read any further it is important that you understand that the DPF warning light appearing is a completely normal thing to happen, the DPF warning is just advising you that the DPF needs to regenerate itself and that you need to follow the instructions in the owners manual for the dpf to clean itself.

If you cant find the instructions then follow these simple instructions which will work on most vehicles

1. Make sure that the Engine Management Light is NOT on.

2. Ensure that the vehicle has at least 1/4 of a tank of fuel

3. Turn on as many electrical items as you can,  Air conditioning, Lights, Heated rear window, radio etc.

4. Find a long stretch of road where you can drive for up to 15 miles without stopping - Dual carriageway or motorway etc.

5. Drive the car until normal temperature has been reached

6. Once warm, Drive the car in any gear that allows you to maintain 2,000 RPM suitable for the speed you are driving, in automatics you will need to select sport mode if possible and select the gear manually

7. Drive the car with the engine speed of 2,000 RPM until either the dpf light goes off or until you have covered at least 30 miles.

Following the above procedure should allow the car to self clean (or regenerate) the DPF on its own.

If following the above procedure fails or the engine management or ABS light (or any other warning lights) are on you will need to take the car to someone with the skills and equipment to diagnose the cause of the problem and repair the faults.

Once any faults have been resolved you should find that in the vast majority of cases that following the procedure in the owners manual or the one above should resolve the problem.

Remember the DPF light will only come on if the DPF is becoming blocked, this is absolutely normal, thats why its there, and if you follow the procedures outlined that should be the end of the problem.

The DPF should last the life of the car without replacement and replacing the DPF without resolving any underlying causes of any problems that are either preventing the DPF cleaning itself or causing excessive soot to be produced will only result in the DPF becoming clogged in a relatively short period.

If you have followed the instructions above, call us to arrange for us to diagnose the cause of the problem or DPF Cleaning - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning for further information