Proposed May 2018 MOT Changes

We understand that there will be quite a few changes to the MOT test in May 2018, These are likely to mean that the following applied for all MOT's after the Changes.

We expect that lots of people will find that removing the DPF on their car is now going to mean a fail and will need a DPF fitting and the engine ECU software being returned to standard to allow a pass. We are able to fit replacement DPF's to most makes and models and return the ECU Software to allow the DPF to work once again, we can also fix the problem that was the cause of the DPF failing in the first place.

Other emission components that are missing will also be a fail, the most likely component that many people have removed and had a remap to fix is the EGR. The EGR is an important component and does impact vehicle emissions. Again we can fit quality EGR valves and solenoids and return the ECU Software to standard and often update the software to the latest versions to further improve emissions and other problems.

It has also been mentioned that May 2018 MOT requirements will also bring in the need for warning lights to work correctly on vehicles, one example is that the Engine Management Light must light up at ignition on and go out once the engine starts. We are aware of many cars that have had bulbs removed or 'Black Tape' used to cover the bulb so that the Engine Management Light appears to be unlit. We are specialists in diagnosing and fixing warning light issues and their causes, whatever the cause we will diagnose and fix the cause and ensure that the EML or Engine Management Light operates correctly.

There are many other potential changes, at the time of writing this article that above and other possible changes to the MOT Test are just possible changes and will only be finalised at during May 2018.

Whenever your car is suffering with emissions problems and MOT failure get in touch with us and we can help you resolve the problems and even get your car passed by our local MOT testing station if you like.