Diesel Injector Removal

We have recently added to our range of specialist tooling and equipment a range of specialist Hydraulic Injector Removing Tools. These allow us to remove seized injectors that regular garages are unable to remove.

We carry out injector removal, recutting injector seats and resealing injectors on an almost daily basis, this allows us to offer a most competitive service, especially where the injectors are stuck fast, normally requiring garages to call in mobile specialist, this causes delays and adds significantly to the cost of the process, as we carry out the work in-house this keeps the cost down and eliminates the delays.

Diesel injectors are becoming increasingly difficult to remove as they seize in the head due to corrosion, water ingress and often carbon due to leaking injectors, despite leaking they become stuck due to all the excess carbon that is produced due to the leaking injector, this problem and the large amount of carbon is often called "black death" do to the mess and the fact that ultimately the problem will cause terminal engine damage.

We are able to remove even the most difficult and inaccessible injectors on any diesel engine including Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Ford, Mazda, Nissan & Vauxhall models which are the most common vehicles to suffer from this problem.

There is normally no need to remove the cylinder head or other drastic and expensive methods, we can in most cases remove even the tightest injectors and replace of reseat and fit new injector seals quickly and cost effectively.